Solarite South Africa is a National Alternative Energy Supplier. We are responsible for the development, procurement and implementation for small, medium and large scale solar systems.

  • Farmers
  • Homes
  • Commercial
  • Radio Communications
  • Security
  • Mines
  • Outdoor 
  • Off-Grid

We care about you and we want to provide you affordable but reliable solutions with product warranties that protects you and your investments.  Our main focus is to design and plan your system correctly with future scale-ability in mind, but also for the unforeseen days when natural factors like clouds, rain and wind impact on the performance of your system.


We can be measured by our integrity, 17 years of knowledge and skills, our passion, and the fact that we are still around to look after installed systems.  To secure our position in the market and to support you in the long-term for the next 50 years we are engaging with your local electricians and setting up support networks in towns across South Africa.